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The next steps are the tasks (or to-dos) that can be assigned to a participant. The Wallet1000 algorithms assign some tasks automatically based on the information the participant provided in the Q&A when they created their account. You can also assign tasks to participants, as well as mark them complete, in the Next Steps section of the participant’s profile page.

You can view a month-by-month report on the assignment and completion of the next steps by clicking on Reports / Next Steps.

Next Steps Index

When you click Settings / Next Steps you will see a list of the next steps that are available to assign to participants.

The Task Name is the name of the next step while the Task Text is the longer description that the participant will see in their financial plan and when they click on the info bubble on the Next Steps page while logged in.

The default next steps can not be modified or deleted. Any that you add will start with numbering over 100.

Creating a New Next Step

When creating a new task there are four fields you need to fill out:

  1. Task Number (Needs to be greater than 100.)

  2. Task Order (This is a grouping with the lower number groups being shown higher when the list of next steps is shown to the participant.)

  3. Task Name

  4. Task Text (This is the helpful info that further explains the action that a participant should take.)

Summary Emails

The financial wellness summary emails that the participants receive from Wallet1000 include the outstanding next steps and a link to mark each complete directly from the email.