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On the plan profile page you can see:

  • The plan’s participant engagement rate
  • The Plan’s retirement readiness rate
  • The plan’s unique URL (this is what you provide to participants)
  • The employer match percentage
  • The percent of the employee’s income that the plan will match
  • The default advisor

Plan Profile

Default advisor

Emails that Wallet1000 sends to the participant automatically on your behalf, such as the personal finance email courses and the daily/weekly/monthly financial wellness summary emails, are personalized with the name of the advisor associated with the participant. When you create a participant’s account in the PEP you are set as the advisor. When a participant goes to their plan’s unique URL and creates an account they are associated with the default advisor set for the plan and the communications they receive will show that advisor’s name.

Plan Metrics

  • Activity

    • A chart of participant interactions.
  • Average Wealth Score

    • Wallet1000’s proprietary financial wellness score incorporates every aspect of each participant’s personal finances. Here you can see the average score for the plan and its changes over time.
  • Tags

    • A summary of tags used on participant activity.