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A platform built to help you grow your 401(k) business.

Complete 401(k) support platform

A Complete Financial Wellness Suite

The simplest way for you to provide personalized support to each participant.

Exceed Client Expectations

With Wallet1000 you deliver to your clients:

  • A complete financial wellness platform

    Holistic financial education that is easy enough for everyone to use to help them achieve their personal financial goals.

  • Ongoing participant engagement

    Your participants will regularly receive actionable educational content that helps them take their next steps towards a successful financial future.

  • A financial plan for every employee

    Every single one of your participants will receive a personalized financial plan which plan sponsors will love and few of your competitors can deliver.

  • A dashboard to track participant interactions

    With the participant metrics that matter at your fingertips, you will be able to scale your participant services as your business grows.

  • A low cost way to further take care of their employees

    Providing world-class financial education and planning does not have to be expensive. Deliver a great experience that fits in your budget and theirs.

Happy client

Provide Positive Participant Outcomes

Every participant gets a full financial plan which includes:

  • Budget

    The budget is the foundation on which every household's financial plan stands.

  • Debt payment plan

    Having a plan on paper helps households escape debt and provides them a better future.

  • Retirement plan

    Ensure that current retirement savings are sufficient to provide desired income during retirement.

  • College savings plan

    Find a savings rate that exceeds the rate that the cost of attending college is increasing.

  • Insurance report

    Ensure that disaster does not derail a household's financial goals.

  • Financial timeline

    The future of a family's finances based on their current budget and saving rates.

  • Daily or weekly progress email

    Helping an individual maintain focus on their financial goals by sending them regular emails that detail their progress and next steps.

  • Ongoing content customized to their unique situation

    Show a participant the content that is relevant to them at that moment of their personal financial journey.

Retirement Plan

Simple Process - Exceptional Results

Wallet1000 provides a web-based financial portal for 401(k) plan participants. We provide you a link to send to participants. They will open the link and with a simple series of questions the participant will have a personalized financial plan with scheduled emails that will keep them on budget and making progress towards their financial goals.

When you meet with them, or when they call, they will already have a financial plan they can share with you and they will be able to ask better questions. And you will be able to deliver a higher level of service.

  • 1
    Participant opens link
  • 2
    Short set of questions
  • 3
    Personalized financial plan
  • 4
    Educational email courses
  • 5
    Actionable financial wellness steps
  • 6
    Engaged participants. Happy clients.
Personal Finance Goals

Features for 401(k) advisors

Unlike other financial wellness platforms, Wallet1000 was built by 401(k) industry veterans. We know what features are important to you and your business.


The financial wellness portal, reports, and email courses all have your firm's branding.


Quantify the difference you make in plan reviews and proposals.

Content Library

Unlimited use of our library of participant reports, handouts, and personal finance courses.


Every participants' financial wellness stats and past communications at your fingertips.


Actionable reports to improve engagement, financial wellness, and to use in plan reviews.


All participant content available in both English and Spanish with additional languages forthcoming.


Capture all emails and make your compliance officer happy.


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$249 /month

Everything you need to power your financial wellness program today.

  • Unlimited 401(k) plans
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited financial plans
  • Participant CRM
  • Advanced analytics
  • Robust reporting
  • Firm branding
  • Simple to use

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