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The dashboard that you see when you log into the Participant Engagement Platform (PEP) puts your plans, participants, and important metrics at your fingertips.

When you are in the other parts of the PEP you can return to the dashboard by clicking on the Wallet1000 logo in the upper left.

Advisor Dashboard

Participant Metrics

The two metrics that are highlighted on the dashboard page are Participant Engagement and Retirement Readiness.

Participant Engagement

Participant Engagement defaults to measuring the last 90 days.

The engagement rate is larger over longer time periods (e.g. annual engagement rate will be larger than quarterly engagement rate).

Retirement Readiness

Retirement Readiness is the percentage of participants projected to meet their retirement income goal. This metric uses the “age-based” method of projecting returns.

Tasks Completed

With next steps (and the automated regular email reminders) being an important part in encouraging participants to take action, the completion of next steps by your participants is shown on the PEP dashboard.

You can click on the “tasks completed (week)” link to view a report which shows the participants who have completed some of their assigned next steps as well as see which particular tasks they completed. Some advisors use this report to send quick emails to participants to congratulate them on making progress.


You can easily select a plan to view its profile here.


This links to the last five participant profiles you have viewed so that you can easily access the profile of a participant that you have been helping recently.