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Wallet1000's Participant Engagement Platform is a CRM built specifically for servicing your participants.

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Wallet1000 Participant Engagement Platform

Grow your 401(k) business by increasing participant satisfaction

Meet Josh. He is a 401(k) advisor who is passionate about helping his participants reach their financial goals. His business is growing which means more participants to meet with, more questions to answer, and more plan sponsors to report to.

Josh uses Wallet1000's Participant Engagement Platform (PEP) to excel at all facets of his business.

Participant interactions

When Josh onboards a new client he goes onsite and meets with its employees. He records who attends group meetings and takes notes on the one-on-one meetings that he has.

Simple follow up

Between meetings he uses the built-in email templates to follow-up with the participants. The powerful templating system allows him to create emails that are customized not just with the participant's name but with the topics they discussed, what the participant's next steps are, and what they have completed. To the participant it looks like Josh wrote the email specifically to them when really it just took a few clicks.

Custom content library

While Josh loves the personal relationship he builds with his participants there is only so much time in his day. He uses the dozens of pieces of content in Wallet1000 to supplement his educational efforts. He can easily send them from inside the PEP and many are customized to the participant if they have used the financial wellness platform.

All of the content has Josh's firm's logo on it.

Data rich

Because the Participant Engagement Platform makes it so easy Josh logs all of his participant calls, take notes on meetings, and capture every email he sends. He has a participant's complete history at his fingertips everytime he sits down with them or takes their call.

A tool for growth

All of that data feeds into the built-in reporting that Josh uses not just to impress plan sponsors in his plan reviews but in his proposals. Hard data helps him stand out from his competitors and win new clients.

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