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The savings section is broken into three subsections:

Short-term savings

The short-term savings section focuses on your emergency fund. For big emergencies such as a health issue, home disaster, or loss of job it is recommended to build an emergency fund that would cover six months of expenses.

Intermediate-term goals

This section of the savings module provides more details on the financial goals that you entered. You can see each goal as well as a graph that projects when you will reach your goal based on a variety of funding levels.

If you click on the goal description you will get further detail.

Long-term goal

The long-term goal section of the savings module focuses on your retirement and your retirement accounts. Here you can see what your current retirement account balances are, what you are contributing, what rate of return you are projecting, and what your nest egg will look like on the day you retire.

Additionally, you can see how that nest egg translates into the income that you will rely on over the course of your retirement.

You can toggle between the two retirement projection options.