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The retirement module details what your retirement looks like based on your current retirement savings, the amount you are saving each month, and the returns that you are projecting for your retirement.

Retirement Projection

Retirement Plan Options

You can toggle between two different methods of projecting your retirement and the method you choose can produce very different results. Ideally you can fully fund your retirement regardless of how which method you use!

Age-Based Returns

The age-based returns method for projecting your retirement nest egg assumes that your investments will become increasingly conservative the closer you get to retirement. People typically allocate more and more of their portfolio to bonds (which typically return less than stocks) as they move closer to retirement and this projection method assumes this.

If you are at least a couple decades away from retirement (e.g. in your 20s 30s, or early 40s) then this is probably the projection that you should focus on.

Account-Based Returns

With the account-based returns method for projecting your retirement income you set your projected returns on an account-by-account basis and that figure is used in your nest-egg calculation for every month between now and your projected retirement date. This allows you more control over your projections and is probably what you should use as you near retirement.

Updating Assumptions

You can update the assumptions that are used in projecting your retirement in your profile which you can access by clicking on your name in the upper-right corner of your screen and clicking on profile. Find your name on the list (there is an entry for each member of your family) and click on edit.