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Wallet1000 is a financial wellness tool that will help you meet your financial goals. It does that by helping you create a financial plan for the journey that begins today and takes you through the rest of your life.

For most people the financial wellness process involves four major steps:


At its core a budget is the simplest financial plan you can create. In your budget you lay out your monthly spending by category and then assign every dollar of your pay to one of those categories. Once your spending and income are in balance your budget become the building block for your financial future.


Debt is a major obstacle in your path to financial freedom. The payments eat up cash flow and the interest is your lender’s reward for putting their dollars to work. Getting out of debt (particularly high-interest consumer debt) is a priority in every financial plan so that you can instead invest your money for your future.


Financial emergencies happen to everybody but the hurt your wallet feels can be mitigated by having enough cash to cover them in the form of an emergency fund. Saving is putting away cash for emergencies and your short-term financial goals (under a few years) in low-interest, no-risk accounts.


Once you have conquered the first three steps in your financial wellness journey you are ready to put your money to work building assets that you will use for your long-term financial goals which might include home-ownership, college, retirement, and providing an inheritance for your family.

Creating a Wallet1000 Financial Wellness Account

After signing up for an account you are going to be asked a series of questions that cover you, your family, your goals, assets, debt, income, and spending. It is important that you answer every question as your financial plan is only as good as the information you put in.

It is alright if you do not know exact amounts. You can use ballpark figures and update any values you provide after completing the Q&A process.