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Monday, March 16, 2020

Today is the day for financial wellness

Financial wellness is something people should focus on when times are good. In bad times, financial wellness is critical. Planning can be what keeps food on the family table.

Right now we are in a time of unbelievable uncertainty. None of us foresaw what is happening and few of us know what to do.

Your revenues are taking a hit with each day of market chaos.

Your clients are trying to navigate an environment where their employees might be unable to go to work and where there is going to be a substantial drop in demand for their products and services.

Your participants are trying to survive when their household income might be drying up.

Right now there is no end in sight.

Today is the day for financial advisors to raise their hands and say to their clients, “I can help your employees.” To take participant calls and lend a sympathetic ear. To help people assess where they stand right now and plan for the possibility of things getting worse. To put your expertise to work helping people save their homes and retirement while they or their loved ones may be sick and fighting for their lives.

We have an opportunity to make a real difference and a responsibility to do so. The more support we can provide now the stronger our nation will be when this is behind us.

Every day we are building a better tomorrow.

Will Johnson

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